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My synchro experience started in 2017 when seven, I was in my local community pool. Then The ANA Synchro team came in to practice. I sat and watched in awe of the graceful, athletic, and synchronization of the team. After they were done, I jumped in the pool and just started imitating some of their moves. I was immediately hooked. From that day on I knew that I wanted to do synchro.


My mom did some research and found the ANA artistic swimming team at the local YMCA. I started that year in the novice program when I was eight. I loved it and started competing. Then I moved up to ten and under where I started to compete more at the regional and zone level. I moved up to 12&under that next year. Unfortunately, Covid happened, and my season got cut short. I missed a lot of competitions that year. It also affected this past year, the 2020-2021 season. We had mostly virtual competitions, but I still enjoyed this odd year. I was lucky enough to attend two national competitions this year. In April, the 12 and Under Invitational in Arizona, and The Junior Olympic Championships in Colorado.


Synchro is what I love doing. I love competing and preforming and I hope to go far in the sport. I am a perfectionist and I think that helps me because I push myself and I know I can always do it a little better or higher, or sharper.

Outside of synchro, I have two dogs, I love to read, I am a pretty good cook and I love the ocean. My favorite subject is in school is History, and my favorite food is Ice Cream. I also have two amazing parents who support me with everything I do and without them, I would never have been able to do synchro.


Artistic Swimming Timeline

Artistic Swimming Timeline


Photography Credits

I want to thank James Rokop for photographing my competitive events at the 2021 12 & Under Invitational and the 2021 Junior Olympics.

2020 & 2021 Competition Scoresheets & Results

Image by Dim Hou

She Believed She Could,
So She Did.

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